Material Handling Conveyors

Dorner’s material handling & industrial conveyors are designed to handle all stages of the manufacturing process, from production and assembly through inspection and packing.

Material Handling Solutions from Dorner

With an array of models available, you’ll find a conveyor belt material handling solution for a range of applications – from small components and large boxes to straight or curved paths, at ground level or overhead.

In addition to our standard conveyor offerings, Dorner offers custom material handling and industrial conveyor solutions designed for your unique space and business needs.

Conveyors improve efficiency, increase output, reduce costs and, in general, keep things running smoothly.

Dorner offers a variety of material handling conveyors to meet your specific needs. Our industrial handling conveyor systems include the following: 

A 2700 series conveyor transporting open boxes filled with glass containers.

Benefits of Integrating Dorner’s Material Handling Conveying Solutions

As material handling and industrial conveyors transport products through a facility or production process, they reduce footprint and improve your bottom line. Dorner’s conveyor solutions provide the following advantages: 

Maximize Space

Conveyors like the FlexMove, which is designed for tight spaces, can benefit your bottom line by increasing your production capacity even with limited space.

Increase Uptime

With an automated material handling and industrial solution from Dorner’s complete line of industrial fabric belt, modular belt, and flexible chain conveyors in place, your business can speed up cumbersome processes and improve output.

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

Dorner’s industrial conveyors are designed to handle accurate sorting, measuring, scanning and packing of products with ease. Our solutions are reliable, fast and can be used in a wide range of industries. 

With the increased accuracy of automation, you’ll improve cost efficiency and reduce waste, as well.

Lower Production and Labor Costs

Integrating an industrial conveyor system allows you to reallocate your employees from repetitive tasks to higher-priority ones, saving your business time, money, and resources. 

Boost Worker Safety

Material handling machinery like industrial conveyors also improve workplace safety in a number of ways. 

Reducing or eliminating the need for lift trucks, for example, lessens the chance for collisions or accidents on the floor. Our systems reduce the need for manual operations and help relieve operator fatigue from heavy lifting or repetitive tasks, preventing injuries and improving morale.

Material Handling in Warehouse Environments: Key Applications

When it comes to warehouse material handling equipment, Dorner conveyors offer a variety of solutions to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for an economical system to move boxes in bulk or need custom material handling solutions that can handle delicate parts, our conveyors provide smooth, precise movement and make it easy for your team members to keep up with orders. 

Lift systems & material handling equipment, like our conveyors, are suitable for a range of applications, including: 

A DCMove conveyor transporting boxes for material handling.

Distribution Center Mainline Conveyors

Conveyors are an essential part of any successful warehousing operation and can greatly reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. Warehousing and distribution center applications for conveyor systems range from simple package handling, to complex sorting and order fulfillment operations. 

The DCMove conveyor from Dorner, for example, is designed with a low profile that allows them to fit easily into tight spaces, maximizing your available space without reducing belt coverage. With a high load capacity of 400 lbs., the DCMove is a great choice for conveying packages and other heavy items.


Material flow conveyor systems are ideal for applications where product queues need to be maintained in order to control production flow. You can use conveyors to hold products in place until they are needed, while also allowing sufficient product spacing to facilitate proper sorting.


Integrate conveyors into your warehouse sorting system to quickly and efficiently move products from one station to another. This can be done using powered or gravity-based conveyors, as well as a combination of both in order to create more complex sorting operations. 


With transportation conveyors, you can easily move loads, large or small, along a defined path in your warehouse. These systems are perfect for moving items from one side of the facility to another and ensuring that they arrive safely and on time. 

Storage & Retrieval

Using an industrial conveyor system, you can greatly enhance your storage and retrieval processes. Automated storage and retrieval systems allow efficient access to stored items while also preventing product damage, and industrial conveyors can be used to control product flow and optimize the system as needed. 

AMR conveyors, for example, can be used to automate the storage and retrieval of products in warehouses and distribution centers, reducing the need for physically-demanding manual labor from the equation. This type of system also reduces the amount of space needed for product storage and increases efficiency by accurately placing items exactly where they need to be.

Printing and Packaging

Conveyor systems are also well-suited to printing and packaging applications where precise product placement is important. With the right conveyor configurations, you can combine the flexibility of manual operations with efficient automated processes to improve production speeds and reduce labor costs. 

The DCMove conveyor system is well-suited for printing and packaging applications, allowing you to move packages of all sizes quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Product Handling

Material handling industrial conveyors are a great way to increase the efficiency of product handling processes. From palletizing and depalletizing, to sorting and assembly line operations, our conveyor systems can be customized to fit any application. 


Integrate conveyors into your inspection, testing, and quality control processes with industrial grade systems that can handle even the most demanding workloads, allowing for quick corrective action and improved product quality.

Dorner’s Industrial Conveyor Systems for Material Handling

Dorner is one of the leading material handling equipment manufacturers in the world, offering a full line of industrial conveyor systems suitable for material handling applications. Our reliable, high-quality solutions are designed to improve efficiency, maximize space, and increase uptime in material handling operations.


Our newest model, the DCMove belted conveyor, is ideally suited for material handling and storage applications. With a high friction PVC belt option for added durability, combined with our v-guided belt tracking, the DCMove is designed for a range of industrial applications, including material handling, printing and labeling, packaging, palletizing, and more. 

The new DCMove series conveyor from Dorner, for tight product transfer.
A Dorner 2700 series conveyor transporting boxes filled with glass containers.

2700 Series

Designed with a higher load capacity and increased maximum width, our 2700 Medium Duty conveyors feature precision belt tracking and a small footprint, making them suitable for a range of applications, including integration with AMRs or AGVs for optimal efficiency and improved material handling ergonomics, reducing the strain on workers. 

2200 Series

Dorner’s 2200 Series Conveyors are a great solution for small- to medium-part handling, transfers, accumulation, positioning, and automated or manual assembly. They are perfect for assembly lines, packaging and high-speed production processes.

The nosebar of a 3200 series belted conveyor for material handling.

3200 Series

The 3200 Series Conveyor Systems are suited for heavy duty applications where the 2200 would otherwise be too small. They also handle high speeds, long runs and mainline packaging. Both the 2200 and 3200 high-performance series offer belted, modular belt, and precision move models.


FlexMove conveyors are a customizable solution designed for tight spaces while still offering the flexibility to grow along with your needs. This series of material handling and industrial equipment can handle twists, multiple curves, inclines and declines on a single conveyor. FlexMove conveyors can also move products as small as 3 inches in diameter. 

A FlexMove modular conveyor for material handling.

How Dorner Is Transforming Conveyor Automation

At Dorner, we strive to be an industry leader in conveyor automation. We are constantly working on new and innovative solutions to help our customers streamline their operations and optimize production throughput. From custom industrial grade conveyor systems to cutting-edge conveyance technologies, our team of engineers and designers are dedicated to creating solutions that help your business succeed. 

Embrace Lean Material Handling With Dorner Conveyors

Dorner has a wide variety of conveyors and automation components to fit any material handling needs. Our industrial grade conveyance systems can help you increase efficiency, maximize production throughput and reduce costs. 

What Is Lean Material Handling?

Lean material handling is a value added function of material movement that seeks to reduce waste and optimize productivity through a process of optimizing material movement throughout the supply chain. It is focused on eliminating any non-value activities to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the workflow. Lean material handling relies heavily on automation and standardization, which can be aided with the integration of our conveyor systems. 

Custom Material Handling Conveyors for Industrial Environments

As part of our Engineered Solutions Group, Dorner’s custom material handling industrial conveyors offerings are designed and manufactured to meet your specific workflow needs. We offer an array of customizable, automated solutions to fit all stages of your process or spaces of all sizes, including:

  • Inspection and testing
  • Elevations and line egress
  • Index and positioning
  • Depositing and rejects
  • Diverting and sorting
  • Product flow and control
  • Merging

Dorner’s expert customer service agents will ask the right questions in order to understand your business goals and challenges, and then our custom solutions team – composed of drafters, designers, and electrical and mechanical engineers – will get to work.

Custom Pharmaceutical Material Handling Solution

Curious about our process? We worked with a pharmaceutical company that wanted to increase its efficiency. At the time, pharmacy technicians manually carried totes between their filling stations and the verification and packing stations. This was not the best use of their employees’ time.

A custom material handling solution from Dorner for pharmaceutical processes.

After consulting with Dorner, the result was a three-level tote handling system that allowed prescriptions to move through the facility automatically, with operators positioned at strategic locations for optimal material handling safety and efficiency.

Material Handling Conveyors Services from Dorner

Our custom material handling and industrial conveyor offerings come with the same installation, training, and maintenance services as our standard lines, so you can be sure you’re getting the same quality service throughout your partnership with us no matter what type of material handling machines you choose.

Installation Services

Dorner’s expert service team offers professional, on-site installation for our conveyor systems. With efficiency in mind and an eye for safety, our engineers handle everything from delivery and staging to set-up and maintenance training. 

Whether a large-scale, custom installation or a solution for a smaller operation, we’ll get your equipment ready for optimal performance. If you enlist your internal team or hire a third-party contractor for installation, a Dorner service manager is available to supervise your crew.

Training Services

Our team is here to help yours. Not only does the Dorner team teach your employees how to use your business’ new system upon installation, we also offer group and one-on-one training in product care and preventative maintenance.

With an end goal of preventing and reducing downtime, our training will focus on safety, mechanical troubleshooting and parts changing.

In addition to on-site training, your team will have access to our extensive library of resources, from guides to videos. 

Aftermarket Support

Dorner continues to be there for you throughout the life of your conveyor system. When your material handling and industrial equipment needs a new part, you can contact us for a replacement.

We also offer a parts auditing program in which one of our service team members will visit your business location, survey your system, and make a list of recommended spare parts and maintenance concerns. You can also call our service hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are open when you are. 

Maintenance Program

Dorner offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program, with services tailored toward your needs. Available in two levels (labor or parts and labor), each program starts with a free initial site visit to evaluate your needs, followed by a customized program proposal highlighting recommended service intervals. 

A few of the services included in the conveyor maintenance program include:

  • Inspecting
  • Adjusting belt tracking and tension
  • Debris removal
  • Lubrication

The Level 2 package offers a 10 percent discount on all parts ordered as part of the program, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dorner’s Material Handling Systems

Material handling and industrial conveyors move products from one place to another such as throughout a distribution center or through various steps in the production process. These systems are seen in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to pharmaceutical.

Conveyor belts for material handling and industrial use are suitable for a variety of applications, from part handling and packaging to assembly automation and accumulation. Although typical loads include boxes, totes, and packages, sanitary conveyors also handle food processing and packaging of edible products, even fresh fruit and raw meat. 

A conveyor belt for material handling and industrial applications can come in several configurations such as vertical, horizontal or inclined and can be powered by electricity, hydraulics and even gravity. With so many options, including custom builds, there’s a solution to meet your needs, whether it’s assembly, transportation, staging, warehousing or order picking.

The best type of conveyor for your material handling application depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Size, weight, and quantity of items being handled
  • The speed at which the items must be moved
  • Whether or not items need to be sorted and/or reoriented
  • The type of material being handled (e.g., bulk, raw materials, finished products)

At Dorner, we have a wide selection of conveyors that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our team would be happy to help determine which solution is right for you.

Material handling conveyors are designed to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs. By streamlining the production process, they can help your business save time and money while reducing the need for tedious manual labor. With a properly configured system, you can expect shorter processing times, faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

In addition to the conveyor itself, there are several items of material handling equipment that can be used with a conveyor system. These include:

  • Accumulation tables, lift gates, and elevators to move products between different levels
  • Meters, barcode scanners, and other sensors for tracking product information
  • Control systems and software to coordinate the movement of items
  • Lift systems, stands, and pallet inverters to help with loading and unloading products
  • Labeling and printing systems for barcodes and other tracking information

You can also use AMRs or AGVs to improve product flow throughout the facility. With AMR conveyors, you can increase throughput with a flexible material handling solution.

Material Handling Conveyor Systems from Dorner: Built for Peak Efficiency and Productivity

Material handling systems offer a streamlined and safe solution for many production needs. Dorner offers custom solutions designed to meet your exact specifications, backed by an experienced team of engineers and technicians. Our tailored solutions are designed for peak efficiency and productivity, helping you maximize your output while reducing overhead costs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help maximize the potential of your material handling operations. 

The nosebar of a Dorner DCMove conveyor for material handling applications.

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